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China World Heritage Tours

China is filled with sites listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for both culture and nature. A large number of these sites are world famous, and others, have yet to be discovered by main stream tourism. These sites are unlike anything found anywhere else on Earth, and each one is absolutely breathtaking. Photos will not come close to doing justice to these heritage sites.

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19 Days Memorable China City Tour with Yangtze River Feeling

19 Days Memorable China City Tour with Yangtze River Feeling

Tour Code: CWHT04
Duration: 19 Days
Destination: Beijing, Xi'an, Lhasa, Chongqing, YangtzeCruise, Yichang, Shanghai

This 19 day World Heritage tour highlights the history, art, culture, and people of China. It is a truly wonderful way to see this ancient country. You will visit Beijing, China’s capital for over 500 years, Xian, home to the Terracotta Warriors, Chongqing, home to the giant panda and fiery Szechwan cuisine, Shanghai, the modern metropolis, Lhasa, home to Tibet’s mysterious culture, and you will cruise the Yangtze River, and experience the Three Gorges from a luxurious cruise ship.

16 Days World Heritage Discovery Tour in North of China

16 Days World Heritage Discovery Tour in North of China

Tour Code: CWHT01
Duration: 16 Days
Destination: Beijing, Chengde, Datong, Wutaishan, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Xi'an, Shanghai

This China tour is truly special. Showcasing some of the most famous, and little known treasures of China, this tour is one that will leave you with a lifetime of incredible memories. You will visit sites like The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The National Stadiums for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Imperial temples, the Hanging Monastery, The Terracotta Warriors, and so much more. This tour will really allow you to get in touch with China’s magnificent history.

Taking you to some of the best sites listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, this tour of China will surprise and delight you. You will see China’s Imperial History in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Longman Grottoes in Luoyang, the Shaolin Temple in Zhengahou, The Taoist Shrine in Wudangshan, The Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai, and so much more. This itinerary is filled with surprises and is one that you will never forget.

15 Days China Confucians Culture & Central Plains Tour

15 Days China Confucians Culture & Central Plains Tour

Tour Code: CWHT03
Duration: 15 Days
Destination: Beijing, Jinan, Jian, Taian, Qufu, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Luoyang, Xi'an, Shanghai

This tour of China will allow you to explore the ancient philosophical, natural, cultural, and martial arts centers of China. You will see the ancient capital of Xian, and the modern capital of Beijing. You will experience the excitement of Shaolin Kung Fu in the Shaolin Temple, and will see the home of Confucius, to name but a few. This tour will also take you to such natural treasures as Taishan Mountain, and the Yellow River. Discover what surprises this tour has in store for you.

Chinese Ethnic Minority architecture and culture is truly unique and this tour focuses on them, as well as areas famous for their natural beauty, and some of the best sites China has to offer. A large number of the sites on this China tour are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. You will see the blockhouses in Kaiping, the Hakka Tulou buildings, and so much more. See how some of China’s Ethnic Minority Groups have lived for centuries and how their architecture has been a big part in the forming of their cultures and traditions.

Beginning in Beijing, and traveling south, this China tour will allow you to get up close and personal with giant pandas, explore breathtaking mountains, pass historic sites, visit Imperial palaces and temples, cruise down the picturesque Li River and so much more. This tour allows you to see China in many of its many forms, from the idyllic life of farmers and fishermen, to the fast-paced life of Beijing and Hong Kong Residents. You will get to see a side of China often missed by visitors.

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