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China City Tours

China has some of the most incredible city destinations on Earth. Our single city tours showcase the incredible sites offered in each Chinese city. We also make a point to let you witness the people and culture that make up each city. All of our China city tours can be taken singly, or combined to create the tour of your dreams. We strive to make sure each of our China tours are truly unforgettable and will give you memories which will last a lifetime.

City Tour Choices

Beijing city tours Picture

Click on the map to learn more about the incredible China city tours Travel Our China offers. Each China tour focuses on the sites, people, culture, and history of each city.

Beijing city

Beijing, China's capital city has a glorious history. The many imperial sites make this an unforgettable destination. The local culture and food of Beijing make this a city many wish to return to more than once. It is a modern city with ancient roots.

Shanghai city tour

A cosmopolitan metropolis, Shanghai is a city where Chinese and Western cultures blend. Once known as the Paris of the East, the city offers a unique look into China and its culture. The sites, people, and culture are unforgettable.

guilin city tour

China's Guilin City is world famous for its scenery, which has been featured in many movies, including Star Wars. The local minority groups' culture and art add to the appeal of this wonderful place.

sanya city tours

Located on China's Hainan Island, the city of Sanya is a tropical paradise. Known for its golden beaches, swaying palms, and wonderful climate, it draws visitors from around the world.

hongkong tour guide
Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is unique. Located on mountainous islands, the city is one of the most beautiful on Earth. The blending of Chinese and Western cultures makes this city very comfortable for visitors and its sites and scenery are truly magnificent.

xian tour info

China's capital city for 14 dynasties, Xian is a truly remarkable city. Famous for its Terracotta Warriors, the city has so much more to offer. It is worth the time to spend an extra day in Xian to discover what secrets it holds.

hangzhou tours

Hangzhou City is one of the most popular dream destinations within China. Famous for its Dragon Well Tea and West Lake, visitors soon realize why most Chinese people wish to visit this enchanting city.

suzhou tours

Suzhou, located in China's Jiangsu Province is world famous for its incredible Chinese gardens. These once private gardens are stunning with their mimicry of nature. Each path will lead you into a world of discovery.

datong tours

Located in Shanxi Province, Datong City is not as well-known as some of China's other cities, but it is just as special. The Yungang Grottoes, filled with ancient Buddhist carvings, the Temples, and Loess landscape make it truly unforgettable.

guangzhou tours

The modern city of Guangzhou is famous, but what few people know is the incredible history and ancient sites located within this modern city. Guangzhou is full of surprises and a city where everyone leaves wishing they had seen more of it.

xingjiang tour guide

Xinjiang, an important location on the Ancient Silk Road offers many wonderful cities and site unlike any on Earth. The local cultures and food make this a very popular destination with visitors.

China tibet tours

Tibet is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth. Its unique culture, architecture, and art make it an unforgettable destination. The people of Tibet are arguably the friendliest on Earth and will welcome you with open arms.

Sichuan chengdu tours

Chengdu is home to China's Giant Pandas. These rare and beautiful animals can be seen in their natural habitat in Chengdu. The Giant Panda research center will allow visitors to see, up close, how the Pandas are being protected.

Yunnan tour guide

China's Yunnan Province is famed for its Puer Tea, ancient cities, and Ethnic Minority Groups. Sites such as Dali, Lijiang, and the Stone Forest outside of Kunming, make it a wonderful destination.

China huangshan tour

Arguably the most beautiful mountain on Earth, Huangshan Mountain's natural treasures will take your breath away. It is said in China that once you visit Huangshan Mountain, there is no point in visiting any other.

dalian tours guide

Due to its cool climate, Dalian, in Liaoning Province is a popular summer destination. Its beaches draw sun-worshipers from across the globe. Dahei Mountain's spectacular views are another popular draw for visitors.

qingdao tour

A seaside city, Qingdao is known as being one of China’s cleanest cities. Its beaches and ideal climate make it a huge draw for visitors. The city boasts a large quantity of Western-style architecture from the late 19th century.

harbin tours

Harbin City is the capital of China's Heilongjiang Province. Harbin is famous for the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival where huge replicas of buildings from around the world are created from blocks of ice, which are then lit from within.

zhangjiajie tours

Filled with National Parks, mountains, river, and waterfalls, Zhangjiajie is a nature lover's paradise. An incredible destination for biking, and mountain climbing, as well as hiking, Zhangjiajie is a spectacular place.

yangtze river cruise tour
Yangtze River

One of the longest and most famous rivers on Earth, the Yangtze River is known for its Yangtze River Cruises through the Three Gorges. The scenery that passes by as you relax in your cruise ship is truly breathtaking.

Jiuzhaigou tour

Jiuzhaigou is a nature reserve located in Sichuan Province. It offers some of the most beautiful scenery in China. The waterfalls, mountains, and multi-colored lakes make this a very popular destination with visitors.

Zhengzhou tour

Zhengzhou, in China's Henan Province is not well known, but its cultural export, Shaolin Kung Fu is famous throughout the world. The Shaolin Temple offers visitors a glimpse into the way of life for these 'fighting monks'.

Xiamen tour

Xiamen, located in Fujian Province is known for its scenery and tree-lined beaches. The area's natural surroundings and colorful local cultures make this a huge draw for visitors. The local arts and crafts are unlike any other found in China.

Beijing Tour picture

Beijing Tours

China's capital, Beijing is home to incredible natural and man-made treasures. Discover the culture and traditions of this incredible city.

shanghai city Tour picture

Shanghai Tours

Shanghai is a true cosmopolitan city which blends Chinese and Western culture beautifully. A Shanghai tour is a great stepping stone into China.

China xian city Tour picture

Xi'an Tours

Visit the incredible Terracotta Warriors in the ancient city of Xian. China’s capital for 14 dynasties, Xian is filled with incredible treasures and nature.

China Guilin Tour picture

Guilin Tours

It is said that 'Guilin's scenery is the best under heaven'. The colorful local culture adds to the natural beauty of a Guilin tour.

China Chengdu Tour picture

Chengdu Tours

Home to China’s Giant Panda, Chengdu is a wonderful destination. A Chengdu tour will allow you to see the Giant Panda in its natural environment.

China Huangshan Tour picture

Huangshan Tours

Explore, what are arguably, the most incredible mountains on earth. Huangshan Mountain is truly breathtaking and the local culture and art adds to it.